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I've decided to set up a website: It's purely for my own amusement and it's just another of my hobbies that rise and fall from favour. It's pure self-indulgence, but as it's out there for others to see, I hope it will be at least a bit interesting.

Being an engineer by profession, and by nature, I like to know how things work, and this really helps to understand the 'science' of photography:

I taught myself a lot about 'proper' photography many (many) years ago... In those days cameras used something called a 'film'. Getting films developed and printed cost money, and the whole process was slow and inflexible. Ultimately I lost interest and found other uses for my limited funds.

I've done a liitle piece about photography in the 'old days'... It's intended to be an eye-opener for a generation who take more photos  than ever before, mostly using the handy digital camera that exists on the ubiquitous smartphone.

I happen to think that digital photography is much better than film... It's cheaper, you get instant results, and there's lots of software you can use to tinker with otherwise less-than-perfect efforts. It's also a great excuse to buy lots of gadgets.

A few years ago I found a new lease of life, and started getting out-and-about at weekends. At about the same time I rediscovered photography, and started spending all my cash on equipment!

Over the last few years I've visited museums, stately homes and public gardens, and I've also found loads of pleasant and photogenic locations that are a bit more off the beaten track. I've taken A LOT of photographs, and on this website I'll present some of my efforts for public viewing, sorted by location.

I'll include a section of 'before' and 'after' photos, to show how I've used software to rescue, enhance or completely transform images. I have a particular interest in closeup and macro photography (they're not quite the same) so these techniques have their own pages along with abstract photography.

This website is, and probably always will be, a 'work in progress' project. I'll add stuff here-and-there for a while then get bored with it, only to returne much later. Hence you'll find lots of links to empty or half-finished pages... Sorry about that!

Some sort of legal disclaimer:
In my history section, I may include where I can pictures of what the place used to look like: These will be pictures I’ve ‘found’ on the internet, and I’m aware that some of these may be someone else’s property and may be copyright.

If you come across something that’s yours please don’t sue me, as I’m not making any money from its use. Just let me know if you want it removed, or if you would like me to include a credit and a link to your website.

Also, as a courtesy to many of the places I have visited and photographed, I'll include a link to their website and a brief  description based on the information that website provides.

Many websites include a nice illustrated map of the facility which I may duplicate on my website. I'm doing this to encourage others to visit the house, gardens or museum so I hope my plagiarism doesn't offend!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.