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Random Musings and Other Stuff!

On this page you'll find an assortment of snippets of ideas and suggestions, and perhaps some longer articles.

I emphasise the word suggestions. I don't claim to be an expert, so these are just things I have worked out or discovered along the way... Just food for thought.

In fact, the only thing would tell someone asking for advice is this: It's your camera, they're your photographs and it's your leisure time. Don't worry too much about rules (break the rules completely if you want) take lots of photos and have fun!

Basic Care of Equipment

Photo equipment is expensive and it's fragile. Dropping it onto a hard floor or pavement is almost certain death, and even if it's insured you'll have a lot of hassle that could have been avoided.

  • Getting in or out of a car, using stairs or just walking along whilst carrying lots of things is just asking for trouble. Wrap the camera strap around your wrist or wear it around your neck even if it's a short distance.
  • Invest in a nice gadget bag for camera & accessories. You don't have to pay a fortune (PC World do a decent selection of their own line) but choose one you like and that feels right. Don't be afraid to take along your camera to make sure it fits.
  • Supermarkets and drug stores sell cheap toiletries bags: A couple of quid gets you a draw-string bag that's perfect for keeping the dust away from a camera and lenses, whilst giving a bit of extra protection from knocks.
  • You can buy loads of different brushes and wipes very cheaply on the internet. Cleaning a lens with a paper tissue or a sleeve will quickly ruin its coating.
  • Your camera instructions will tell you to avoid extremes of temperature. This is particularly a problem if you move from very cold outdoors into a warm room, when your lens will 'steam up'. Worse case scenario is that condensation forms inside the lens which can lead to permanent marks. Either don't let your camera get too cold, or let it warm up slowly by kkeping it in a nice cosy bag.

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