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West Dean Gardens

Situated a few miles North of Chichester, and situated in the grounds of West Dean College these beautiful gardens are open to the public for most of the year.

A variety of garden types can be seen, notably a number of glasshouses containing all manor of exotic plants... Particularly good for closeup photographs as there's no wind indoors to interfere with the shots!

Worth mentioning that the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum is just down the road, so worth visiting both on the same day if your up for a lot of walking.
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West Dean Gardens
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West Dean Gardens

Gallery above: Around some of the grounds in Summer 2016. It was a rather gloomy day so the photos were quite dull. Fortunately I've been able to perk them up with software, but there's no hiding that grey sky!

I'm sure to return at other times of the year and more galleries will follow.
Gallery below: Closeup shots, many of flowers in full bloom and the insects they attract. Shot on the same day as the gallery above, I think the smart insects had found their way into the glasshouses where it was warmer... The whole place was lierally buzzing.

Many of the exotic plants have leaves and other appendages that I happen to think make interesting, almost abstract photographs.
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